Part Dog Toy, Part Dog Cologne

Dogs love fetching toys as much as dog owners love throwing them. What we don’t love is how our four-legged friends smell by the time we’re all back inside. As the perfect solution for both playful pets and thoughtful owners, I created and designed GoodBoy, the only dog toy to double as a dog fragrance.

Client: Self     |    Role: Product Design

Drop It!

The bottle’s multi-faceted shape makes it easy to grip, throw and wiggle out of your dog’s mouth, and the heavy polyurethane material holds against even the toughest teeth. Once playtime is over, the bottle unscrews at its center, revealing a small wax perfume canister inside. Rub the perfume on your dog’s belly, and keep your home, and your dog, smelling like it should.

Dog Vision

Contrary to popular belief, dogs don’t only see in black and white. While they may not detect the full color scale that we do, behavorial tests suggest they do pick up a variety of shades. The colors of the GoodBoy bottle were specifically chosen to contrast against the environment in which it’s used. Because purple is the darkest color a dog recognizes, and green is the lightest, your pup can quickly locate his target within the lush green grass of your backyard.