A Luxurious Retreat

Whether on the ground or on board, American Airlines has always strived to provide an enjoyable, comfortable and convenient journey. They continually invest in ways to modernize your trip, so when the airline introduced its new suite of premium class amenities, they wanted to inform as many future passengers as possible.

Client: American Airlines     |    Role: Print Design, Out-of-Home, Web Design

World Class Travel

We began by shooting a handful of hero images that showcased the new premium experience. Considering the focus of the product additions was to deliver a modern, differentiated customer experience for the brand’s more high-value flyers, the lifestyle photography required an elevated look.

* Lifestyle photography by Dana Neibert

* Icon photography by Trevor Pearson

Spread the Word

For such a groundbreaking product launch, we knew the traditional print ads were just the start. We needed a larger audience, and we found it in the heart of New York City’s Grand Central, Penn and Wall Street stations.

Tap for Details

As a key part of the product suite, American replaced its personal entertainment devices with all new handheld tablets. With this focus on technology, it only seemed fitting to add a digital point of entry. At a time when rich media was rapidly gaining in popularity, we developed a tablet ad to further communicate every detail of each product.