How do you get more customers in a 7-Eleven store? You give them a reason to invite a friend. To promote the latest Berry Freeze Blitz flavor, we created an Instagram contest that literally brought Slurpee fans together… by rewarding them with a two-person shirt.

Client: Slurpee     |    Role: Web Design, Social Strategy

Hooray for Free Stuff

Thanks to the success of our Slurpee Nation Rewards program, we were well aware that our dedicated Slurpee fans aren’t all that impressed with elaborate trips, coupons or other typical retail incentives. They’re quirky, and if they can get free gear just by drinking more of their favorite Slurpee drinks, that’s even better.

The Launch

The contest launched on all Slurpee social channels, and our fans instantly responded with enthusiasm. A serious amount of enthusiasm. Everyone tagged their friends, and the word started spreading quick. We housed all the entries on a landing page on Slurpee.com and gave tips on how to pose for that winning photo.

Enter Soon (Like Now)

To keep the momentum going, we posted regular reminders on our social channels. We found that the more our fans saw the shirt in action (modeled by myself and my copywriter partner), the more they pictured themselves in it. And that led to even more Slurpee drinks being purchased. Bingo.

Last Call

As a final reminder to close out the contest, we sent out “Last Chance” emails to our entire customer base. You know, because creating a sense of panic always seems effective.

And the Winner is…

A winner was chosen every week for nine weeks straight. The winning photos were posted on the contest landing page and all Slurpee social channels, including the highly coveted Facebook cover photo. Overall, engagement went through the roof. So really, we all ended up winners.