A New Approach

Sheraton is transforming, and the website redesign was first on the list of the greater brand repositioning. The updated visual identity reinforces Sheraton’s position as a leader in the travel industry and sets the brand in motion to become the premier global hotel brand of choice.

Client: Sheraton Hotels & Resorts     |    Role: Web Design, UX, Mobile Design

An Enhanced User Experience

Since the last Sheraton update, we’ve quickly shifted into a world with infinite more mobile devices. Keeping in mind that our desktop site would also be viewed on a tablet, legibility was at risk, and therefore, it became our prime focus. Through the use of an expandable grid, full bleed imagery, larger text and thumb-size buttons, we created a much more user friendly, and tablet friendly, experience.


Because Starwood, and Sheraton especially, have such an international consumer base, the site was designed to work in nine different languages. Dynamic text modules and additional white space provided more flexibility, allowing for easy translation.


Although the brand desktop site is optimized for tablet, all mobile phones are served a specific mobile web template. When designating use of color and fonts for desktop, mobile web was constantly top of mind, ensuring that the entire visual system works in all sizes.

A Consistent Brand Experience

The brand website set the tone for the entire Sheraton digital experience. The Sheraton Store and Sheraton Club websites are among many additional points of entry that mimic the overall identity, and we worked closely with our vendors to ensure that the visual language remained in tact.