Stay Independent

Starwood’s latest brand, Tribute Portfolio, was developed as a response to a common SPG member comment. When choosing where to stay on their leisure vacations, independent hotels were swaying our most loyal enthusiasts. As a tribute to these SPG members, Starwood created access to coveted one-of-a-kind hotels while giving our guests the opportunity to earn their usual member benefits.

Client: Tribute Portfolio Hotels & Resorts     |    Role: Web Design, UX, Mobile Design

Modular Design

Tribute Portfolio was the first Starwood brand to launch with our new template structure in place. With 12 total brands to manage, we felt the need to create consistency on the back end while still delivering a fully branded and unique experience on the front end. We worked closely with our development team to deliver a handful of extremely flexible templates that showcase brand content in a distinctive way while creating a more efficient workflow.


Our digital design team was an integral part in the creation of the overarching visual identity for Tribute Portfolio. Photography direction, color palette and font choice were all developed hand in hand with the print team, allowing for more flexibility online.

A New Hotel Directory

Knowing that new hotels would be added often and at random, we designed a unique hotel directory. Given the independent nature of these properties, we felt it appropriate to create a more specialized, visual experience using large photography and text to highlight the latest property additions, giving them much more visual real estate than a standard list.


Although all mobile phones are served a specific mobile web template that varies from the brand’s desktop and tablet site, the new visual language created for desktop needed to adapt to the most compact of screens.