Pack Your Suitcase

Let’s be honest. Us Texans have plenty of stereotypes working against us, but we want the rest of the country to know that our state is more than just cowboys and tumbleweeds. With one look at the latest annual travel guide covers, we hoped to convince future travelers of just that.

Client: Texas Tourism     |    Role: Print Design

It’s Like A Whole Other Country

We’ll admit that we love our boots, but those iconic symbols are just a bonus on top of the rolling plains, mighty canyons and soft sand beaches. The beauty of the Lone Star State is in the combination of these things, and the cover designs purposefully mix it all in together with a touch of rugged charm.

Hatch Show Print

When selecting a letterpress vendor to bring the approved designs to life, we looked no further than our favorite Nashville shop, Hatch Show Print. These guys have been the leaders of the letterpress world for more than 130 years, so there was no question it would be done to perfection.


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